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Emergency Home Coverage.


Common guidelines tell us to save 1% to 4% of our home's value yearly for maintenance and repairs. For a $1 million home, that's $40,000—seemingly insane. Simplify and secure your finances at just $7.79/month for a limited time only. Get comprehensive coverage for plumbing, electrical, break-ins, roof leaks, and heating/cooling, each emergency covered with unlimited usage. Enjoy peace of mind without deductibles or hidden fees. Members receive exclusive pricing discounts across all home services. Make the good choice today.

You will be billed for the initial and final month upfront and subsequently once per month. Memberships are available for residents of Ontario. 



    Emergency Home Membership

    Every month
    Unlimited Emergencies Under $1,000 Labor/Materials. Qualifying homes must be under 3000 SF..
    • Emergency Plumbing
    • Break & Enter Repair
    • Emergency Electrical
    • Emergency Roof Leak
    • Emergency Heating & Cooling
    • 5% Discount On Every Project. Up To $500

Please view terms of use down below.

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Thanks for registering! Expect to receive a confirmation email for your new membership within the next 24 hours. Our approval is required before any charges are applied.

I hereby agree to the terms outlined below: **1. Membership Agreement Overview:** Upon signing up, you acknowledge and accept the terms with Good Choice Contracting Inc. **2. Emergency Home Membership Details:** The monthly fee covers unlimited emergency repairs valued at less than $1,000 for homes under 3000 square feet in Ontario, addressing issues like plumbing, electrical, break-ins, roof leaks, and heating/cooling. Additionally, it includes an 5% discount, capped at $500, for each project you may hire us for, such as renovations or any supplementary service we provide. Repairs exceeding $1,000 are not covered. We will promptly respond upon receiving your emergency request and confirm whether the repair is covered. If you choose to contest the repair cost and seek a second opinion from another licensed contractor, we completely understand. Our assistance is always available, and if you prefer to hire your own contractor for the repair, we can approve that and make direct payments to them. Please be aware that during the free initial 14 days of your membership, emergency services or coverage are not accessible to prevent potential fraudulent activities. **3. Member Obligations:** Members are expected to cooperate during repairs, provide necessary information, grant access to their residence, and clear personal items from work areas if required. **4. Fees and Payments:** It is essential to adhere to the agreed-upon costs. Monthly automated payments necessitate an upfront payment covering the first and last month, with no hidden fees or deductibles beyond the monthly fee. **5. Data Protection:** We adhere to a privacy policy, ensuring limited collection of personal data. Customers can update, request a copy, or cancel their membership at any time. Our commitment includes safeguarding personal information, promptly notifying affected customers and employees in case of a data breach. We employ stringent measures to protect your information to the best of our ability. While we take every precaution to prevent membership information leaks, we cannot be held responsible for such incidents, although we actively strive to avoid them. That is our promise. **6. Cooling Off Period:** Cancellation within the first 14 days incurs no penalty unless services or discounts are utilized, resulting in a $500 fee to prevent potential fraudulent activities. **7. Agreement Duration:** Termination requires one month's advance notice. A $500 fee applies upon cancellation if services or discounts were used to prevent potential fraudulent activities. **8. Changes to Agreement and Membership Cancellation:** Changes require a one-month notice. Members can refuse changes and retain the option to cancel, with a $500 fee if services were utilized. **9. Cost Adjustments:** Membership costs may annually adjust, with a 30-day notice. Members can refuse changes and retain the option to cancel, with a $500 fee if services were utilized. **10. Cancelled Home Repair Visits:** If we are en route to your home and you no longer require service for any reason, there will be no adverse consequences for canceling the visit or repair. **11. Failed Payment:** A missed monthly payment results in an immediate suspension of membership until payments are settled within 60 days. If a payment is late, services cannot be utilized for 14 days after the late payment is made, including emergency services or coverage, as a measure to prevent potential fraudulent activities. **12. Reactivation of Membership:** To reinstate a suspended membership, settle the outstanding balance, and obtain approval from Good Choice Contracting Inc. **13. Membership Suspension and Termination:** Failure to make two consecutive monthly payments may lead to a permanent suspension, accompanied by a $500 fee. Suspension may occur without a specific cause, and termination without reason does not necessitate disclosure. If your membership is suspended without a specific reason, you will not incur any future charges. **14. Emergency Repair Process:** During an emergency repair, contact us immediately so we can assist right away. **15. Legal Repercussions:** Violation of terms may lead to legal action, including monetary penalties, legal fees, and service suspension. **16. Membership Information:** Exclusive to Ontario residents and properties, accurate completion of membership information is mandatory. Failure to register additional dwellings will result in coverage solely for the main dwelling. **17. Exclusions and Limitations:** Coverage excludes locations outside Ontario. Pre-existing repairs and human errors are not included. Items like pools, hot tubs, waterfalls, or saunas are not covered at all. **18. Refunds:** Refunds for Membership payments will not be provided under any circumstances. Our goal is to maintain the affordability of this Membership while delivering quality service when you need it the most.

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